The fun of photography

Hello, fellow photography enthusiasts. As a first post I would like to share some of my passion for photography with you.

As a young kid my parents gave me a toy plastic camera. It had by some miracle a very sharp and undistorted (plastic) lens. My parents told me the words of a famous Dutch photographer Paul (Eduard Bram) Huf (born 1924) that the camera was not important but the creativity of the photographer.

I don’t remember if I agreed with that point of view then, but I learned to make the best images I could with the camera I could afford. It is not always easy, but you learn to be creative. At high school I learned to develop and print black and white. Not color, that was way to expensive to do yourself as a student.

For color I worked with slides. From this I learned to get everything right in camera. No way you crop or retouch on a dia-positive slide. It is possible but not for a hobbyist.

Then came university and career and photography became more occasional. But some years back I bought a DSLR and the old passion revived. The results are for you the viewer to judge. You may like or dislike some or all. But I hope I can entertain most of you. And every time I hold a camera I try to be a little better than the last time. Okay I said try, it doesn’t always work that way. But I keep trying.

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